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 "The abuse of people is not new. Some of the methods and reasons are new. We are also seeing two diabolic stances on the issue and in reality crimes at times are not worked and justice is not met. I have reviewed your report and wish you good luck....

I am sure the results may startle some and confirm to others what is being heard in the therapist's office and in the sanctuaries of churches is true."

~Dr. Dale Griffis, LE expert consultant

Rachael Marie Runyan

September 30, 2011

On August 26th, 1982, Rachael Marie Runyan was playing with her brothers in a neighborhood park behind her home, within 40 feet of their mother. A strange man approached and led this beautiful little girl away, never to be seen alive again. Her tiny body was found in a shallow stream in Morgan County, just off the dirt road Trappers Loop. She was found with her hands and feet bound behind her back.

Rachael was merely 3 years young, but her life has impacted us to this day. What we now know as the Amber Alert, was originally named in Rachael's honor--thanks to her mother's (Elaine Runyan-Simmons) diligence and selfless pursuit on behalf of the protection of children everywhere.

A suspect was identified as being a black man, between the ages of 25 and 35 with a slender to medium build, driving a blue mid-sized car. After the case growing cold for many years, it was reopened in 2007. Still, no arrests have been made.

Jane Doe, Marion, OH

July 5, 2011

Case Type: Unidentified
Found: Mar 10, 2007
Age Now: 15 - 22
Missing State : OH
Missing Country: United States
Case Number: NCMU1102342

Circumstances: On March 10, 2007, the skeletal remains of an unidentified female were found one mile off a major roadway in Marion County, Ohio. The decedent was estimated to be between 5’-03” and 5’-09” tall and between 100 and 150 pounds. She was estimated to be...

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Jackie Cooper

September 14, 2010

Jackie Cooper, brutally murdered after over a month of purposeful torture, at the hands of her mother and mother's boyfriend October 6th, 2004. Although aurthorities believe their case was successfully prosecuted and, thus, "closed", we know for certain they have merely a bit of the problem behind bars.

From their own records, of Summit County, OH Criminal Court, we find that CSB [Childrens Services Bureau] concealed witnesses who were "previous victims of child abuse" by Vanessa McGlumphy (t...
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September 8, 2010

Angelique James
[4 yrs. old in 1997]

Missing since: February 15, 1997
Classification: Endangered Missing
DOB: October 2, 1992
Height and weight: 3' 6, 40 pounds
Distinguishing characteristics: Black hair, brown eyes. Angelique has burn scars on the top of one foot. One of her legs and one of her arms are shorter than the other. Agelique has a previous fracture of her left arm that is only visible in an x-ray.


Angelique was reportedly last seen in her family's Los Angeles, CA home on F...

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September 7, 2010

    Lenoria Jones
   [3 yrs. old 1995]

Date Of Birth
: January 3, 1992
Age at Time of Disappearance: 3 years old
Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 3'0" (91 cm); 40 lbs (18 kg)
Distinguishing Characteristics: Black female. Black hair; brown eyes. Her hair was in braids.
Clothing: She was last seen wearing a black "Barney" T-shirt and blue turquoise pants. Her hair was in braids.

Circumstances of Disappearance
Jones was last seen on July 20, 1995, after stopping at a convenience store and...

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Sarah & Kathy, linked

September 7, 2010

     Kathryn Menendez               Sarah Rae Boehm
     [17 yrs. old in 1994]               [14 yrs. old in 1994]

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Sarah Rae Boehm, a fourteen-year-old female teen, was reported missing by her parents on July 14, 1994, to local law enforcement in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Several months later, on November 4, 1994, Sarah's remains were discovered in the "Berlin Reservoir," located within an Ohio state park...

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September 7, 2010

   Louis, 7yrs. old

Date of Birth - 2/15/77
Date Missing - 6/7/84
Missing from - Allentown, Pennsylvania
L.E.A. - Allentown Police Dept.
Contact - Detective John Miller
Telephone Number - (610) 437-7721

NCIC #M-359760385. Louis is a white male, 4'1" tall, weighs 44 pounds, has straight auburn hair and blue eyes. He has two odd-shaped circle burns on the right side of his chest and was last seen wearing long blue pants with a red tag on the back, a Doggie striped short sleeved green shi...
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Diamond & Tionda

September 7, 2010
      Diamond                    Tionda


Tionda (pictured right) and Diamond (pictured left) Torres Bradley have been missing since July 6th, 2001 from Chicago, IL. Someone knows exactly what happened to these beautiful girls. There is a $30,000 reward for information leading to the direct whereabouts of Diamond and Tionda. If you have any information, please call the Naitonal Center for Mising and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 or the Chicago Cold Case Unit at 312-746-9658...

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"In my opinion, she brings a unique perspective to a topic that many persons in my field [psychology] and, I assume, law enforcement would rather not have to know about, much less treat or investigate."

~Wanda Karriker, PhD

& Author of "Morning Come Quickly"

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