Uncommon Knowledge


Partner = a person who shares with another to contribute in some action or endeavor.

Lead &Founder of Uncommon Knowledge, c. lynnette thomas

Silent Partner, NMR

Head of Security, Gary Denning



Affiliate = to associate oneself; be intimately united in action or interest.

Shatter the Darkness, team member & student

Association of Christian Investigators, member

Ohio Family Rights, advocate & member

 International Private Investigator's Union, certified member

Organizations Associating for the Kind of Change America really needs [OAK] Board of Managers, member

Power of Poverty Under Laws of America Restored [POPULAR], member

National Forum on Judicial Accountability, member

National Organization for Parental Equality, member

Shaklee Products, distributor





"The specific needs are undeniably great; the laborers are few. The core of what people do is rooted in what they believe. Too many beliefs move people to commit atrocious acts against children and youth. It truly is all that simple." ~clt

We are thankful for your support in this crucial work. Please contact to request detailed information on how you/your business or organization can benefit from getting involved.

Another great resource found at:  Cold Case Public Unit




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