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"For the past decade these beautiful little faces, alongside others, smile at me from my bulletin board next to my desk, begging for justice. I become painfully frustrated because I have the intel, I have evidence. There is enough to believe, by God's grace, I know where they are." ~clt

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"In my opinion, she brings a unique perspective to a topic that many persons in my field [psychology] and, I assume, law enforcement would rather not have to know about, much less treat or investigate."

~Wanda Karriker, PhD & Author of "Morning Come Quickly"

Project Angel

Mission: To effectively employ God's Word and Work in answer to His Call in ministering to lost children, and those that miss them; searching where ever God leads until they are found.

In Ezekiel chapter 8, God showed the prophet through a hole in the wall, what the wicked were doing in the temple. We can count on the fact that God never changes--He shows us and leads us still today. Many years ago, the Prophet not only was willing to look, but also respond. Trusting in the divine hand and counsel of the LORD, Uncommon Knowledge responds to His call for the sakes of stolen children.


Consider Angelique James...

Missing from Los Angeles, CA the week of February 15th, 1997. Public information declared that her mother was responsible somehow for the child’s disappearance and presumed death.

But no body was ever found. Police admittedly only searched the mother’s home and areas she was known to frequent. Nothing outside their jurisdiction was considered, for their minds were made up: The mother did it.

This is also in spite of the fact that the family was involved with child services and the caseworkers had no clue the child was even missing for months.

Sound familiar?

Consider Rilya Wilson... Basically the same scenario, on the other side of the Nation in Florida.

Same circumstances. Same victim profiles. Same outcomes--the mother/primary caregiver was charged with the child’s abuse, disappearance and death, although no bodies were found in either case. In each case there was not enough circumstantial evidence to support the notion that these women killed and hid the bodies of these children.

In Angelique’s case, the mother was charged with the child’s death along with child endangerment. Since they could produce no body, the mother was bullied into a plea for child endangerment and served a few years.

Information obtained from an insider clearly laid out the fact that Angelique’s “case was grossly mishandled” and, “not enough was done.” The informant likened it to the Rilya Wilson case as well, expressing concern that the “similarities” were too close to be coincidental.

In Rilya’s case, the “godmother”, already in jail, was convicted on child abuse and kidnapping charges, which were recently upheld on appeal.

In both cases no one can answer the most pressing questions: What happened to these children? Where are they? In both cases, there was no search performed outside the borders of their jurisdiction. 

Okay. Maybe two cases so similar is just eerily coincidental. But how about three? Four? Are there more? After running multiple searches, hours of prayer and investigative research, sure enough more were found that fit the profiles drawn from the initiating case (Angelique).

There are details, such as information used to narrow the searches specifically, suspects, etc, that cannot be detailed at the moment. However, when this information was exhaustively shared with law enforcement of the respective areas the common complaint was, “Do you realize the manpower and funds it would take to link a missing child from California to my murdered child in...? We simply do not have the resources.” (Direct quote from a police lieutenant.) The other police informant in CA affirmed this sentiment with sadness as she spoke about all the “Jane” and “John Doe’s” still needing identified in their county morgue and the dusty stack of cold case missings in their agency.

This lack is found to be universal across the Nation, especially pertaining to cold cases of the missing and murdered from urban or poor communities. Not to infer a bias. Just that facts are facts, that’s all.

Since law enforcement is stricken with lack of resources, not to mention regulatory limitations, why not establish a unit that can chase these viable leads and improve the solvability of the cases (if not solve them altogether)?

Unwittingly, that is exactly what Uncommon Knowledge has done.

Over the past many years Uncommon Knowledge has gathered enough intel and evidence, generating more viable leads connecting at least five cold cases of missing children--including Angelique and Rilya. Given the resources necessary, we can effectively complete these investigations to provide substantial, hard evidence to respective law enforcement. Thus, solving the cases...finally.

In other words, we do have enough intel and evidence to answer those most pressing questions. 

But we need your assistance. With just 1,000 caring folks donating less than $200* each we can efficiently complete these cases and formally establish a pro bono unit focusing on cold cases of missing and murdered children. We have the skills, knowledge and experience. We simply need a share of your compassion to complete the work that will provide peace for the families of these children, bring justice against the perpetrators and reignite hope for others.

Why should anyone care? Frankly, because it is right. Child trafficking has exploded across the US into the second largest criminal industry. Although the cases spoken of here are linked to a mere handful of people, that’s at least a handful of perverts that can be off the streets and behind bars while we get on to other cases. This handful of people have been operating without consequence for two decades. How many other children will be found to have fallen victim to them? Too, there is reason to believe at least one of the children involved in the primary cases is still alive. Can you help us bring her home?

Please click the contact button to receive information on how to assist in supporting this crucial project. 

*Figure proposed simply to show how easily the goals can be achieved. Any amount will be accepted with gratitude.

*All donors will be provided with a receipt/statement of donation for their tax deductible purposes.*

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