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Help Solve Cases


Improving Your Own Health 

Uncommon Knowledge, often in conjunction with Ohio Family Rights and Shatter the Darkness, regularly receives requests to our SIU* (Special Investigations Unit) from victims and/or their families. Some of these cases come as a natural result of other work and ministry in our specialized fields.


Ohio Family Rights, Shatter and UK do not charge fees for SIU services. All combined SIU services are performed on a volunteer basis by qualified investigators and advocates.


Uncommon Knowledge, with its subsidiary, Uncommon Health**, has devised a strategy that will help you improve your health and help solve these cases, all at the same time!

>>Go now to Uncommon Health and discover the new, natural and healthier you!<<


*For every product purchased from Uncommon Health    60% will go directly to fund the investigations of the SIU.*

It truly is that easy to help us solve cases!



*SIU is a cooperative effort of Shatter the Darkness ministries, Ohio Family Rights and Uncommon Knowledge, and is distinctly separate from other functions and services of Uncommon Knowledge and its affiliates. It is up to the discretion of the President and Founder of Shatter the Darkness (Russ Dizdar), Founder of Ohio Family Rights (Roz McAllister) and Owner of Uncommon Knowledge (C. L. Thomas) as to what elements and factors establish an SIU.

**Uncommon Health is an affiliate of the Shaklee Corporation. It is not to be construed that Shaklee supports or in any fashion endorses the projects, investigations or other operations of the SIU, Uncommon Knowledge, Shatter the Darkness, their partners, members or subsidiaries.

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