Too often what is presented as fact is simply biased propaganda angled to sway the public into complacency. Such is the case with the NSMART "data", "statistics" and "facts" produced regarding missing children. The information is produced by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and is used to formulate training for law enforcement across the country. The publications are the most often quoted and solely relied upon for supposed "facts" when it comes to anything about missing children.

Consider the ever-popular myth, "stranger abduction of children is rare." Consider how this myth has influenced, since the nineties, how every case of a missing child is handled from the first officer that responds to the parents' frantic call. Consider the irreparable damage caused. 

Now consider the fact that this myth could be the very reason so many children are still missing.

I encourage you to take a read of The Myth of Stranger Abduction of Children, and see for yourself how the destructive, misleading "facts" came into being.

(*Link opens PDF research paper.)