Over this past year I have come to realize one of the primary reasons why missing children remain missing. Those who have the investigative skills necessary to pursue leads that law enforcement can't, or for whatever reason won't, are usually private investigators out to exploit victims' families for personal gain. Words cannot convey how despised such are in my eyes.

There are a few, such as myself, who have the skills and experience, who work the cases purely from an overriding passion for the work...to find the children no matter what it takes. These few of us expend ourselves, exhaust all resources because, frankly, we cannot help but do so. However, often we can only get so far before resources become scarce. 

Many years ago I became a private investigator and established my small business solely for the purposes of funding the work about which I am most passionate--finding children who have been missing for way too long. To bring peace to their families and justice against the perpetrators is, at Christ's hand, my driving force.

As you may have read from the other pages related to this Project, the work is incredibly close to bringing resolution to about 5 cases involving 6 missing children--one of which is likely still alive, still held captive by her abductors or whoever bought her years ago. Several times I have posted an outreach campaign in an effort to gain assistance to fund this Project. I am baffled at the sincere lack of response.

Maybe I was not clear? Maybe the words misled readers to think only large sums could suffice? Truly, I do not know and apologize if that is the case. All I do know is that without funding the Project the work will not be completed. Hence, the viable leads I have will be left for naught and law enforcement will have nothing to act upon. Hence, the unmarked graves of the children this work (by God's grace) has identified, as well as the young lady mentioned above, will remain silent...undisturbed. And the children will remain listed as missing. Their families will continue in painful wonder. Not to mention, the perpetrators will continue to steal, abuse and even murder children. On top of all that devastation, I will be forced to pack up my home and office, and leave the work altogether.

Allow me, therefore, please, to clarify the previous crowd-funding initiative. To move the work forward (see blog post "Work Needed") and establish firmly this pro bono work for the next two years, the bottom-line goal is $150,000. That works out in several ways: From 1,000 donors at $150 each to 6,000 donors at $25 each, and anything in between.

In this modern day of networking worldwide and all the generous, compassionate people supporting everything from paying for a cat's surgery to buying a military veteran a better home, one would think that this goal is not unrealistic. But I get it. Most people do not want to acknowledge the problem we have with hundreds of thousands, plus, of missing, exploited and trafficked children. I understand. So help me complete the work. Too, many believe there are enough non-profits doing enough for the victims. In some senses this may be true, but none of them are doing the investigative work that I am. The vast majority provide needed services for victims once they are found and only, obviously, to those that are alive.

This Project helps find them. Now wouldn't you like to be a part of that? 

Please send your donation to:
Uncommon Knowledge
c. lynnette thomas
1810 Clearbrook Dr.
Stow, OH 44224

*All donors will receive receipt/statement for your tax-deductible purposes.