Angelique James
[4 yrs. old in 1997]

Missing since: February 15, 1997
Classification: Endangered Missing
DOB: October 2, 1992
Height and weight: 3' 6, 40 pounds
Distinguishing characteristics: Black hair, brown eyes. Angelique has burn scars on the top of one foot. One of her legs and one of her arms are shorter than the other. Agelique has a previous fracture of her left arm that is only visible in an x-ray.


Angelique was reportedly last seen in her family's Los Angeles, CA home on February 15, 1997. There has been no valid information since then and the details surrounding her case are sketchy, at best.

All popular and widely used missing children sites display various forms of the information released by LA County regarding the presumptions of the mother of this child. However, according to reliable sources, this case was "greatly mishandled." It is also important to note that the detailed information on these sites was not released publically by authorities until after December 2004/January 2005, when an independent inquiry was initiated.

Some site's information states the mother "failed to comply when authorities inquired as to her dauhter's whereabouts." The truth is, much like the Rilya Wilson case in Florida, the family was involved with child services and the caseworkers did not even know the child was missing for almost a year, according to a credible source. 

Furthermore, in 1998 Shirley Ann James plead guilty to child endangerment, but without the body murder charges were dropped. The sad fact is, no authorities looked beyond the mother or even beyond their own county boarders, to find this child or even attempt to find viable leads.

More information: North American Missing Person's Network