Jackie Cooper, brutally murdered after over a month of purposeful torture, at the hands of her mother and mother's boyfriend October 6th, 2004. Although aurthorities believe their case was successfully prosecuted and, thus, "closed", we know for certain they have merely a bit of the problem behind bars.

From their own records, of Summit County, OH Criminal Court, we find that CSB [Childrens Services Bureau] concealed witnesses who were "previous victims of child abuse" by Vanessa McGlumphy (the biological mother of Jackie and her twin sister). We found, as mentioned in a prior article, Duffield was convicted at least once before of similar crimes against other children as well. Right here in Summit County's own courts.

We know by experience criminals such as these do not amend their ways. Particularly Duffield's "lack of remorse", as noted by Judge Shapiro, should open eyes to the this reality. So, how many other precious children have these tortured and murdered? What about the rest of their group, popularly known as "The Stairway Coven"? How many of those did CSB help by negligence of duty?

This case is not over, regardless of what the prosecutors may consider. We will not stop until all who are linked with these animals are stopped and children are better protected.

Anyone with info, please contact: Russ Dizdar, Shatter the Darkness or myself, c. lynnette thomas of Uncommon Knowledge
...and keep praying for exposure and justice.

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